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To buy our products using a purchase order there is nothing to complete on our website. Just send us a completed and signed PO to:

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    • 866-740-7994
    • 301-637-0107
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    • Kuta Software LLC
    • 6308 Holland Meadow Lane
    • Gaithersburg, MD 20882

Sales Tax

We only collect Maryland sales tax. If your organization is outside of Maryland, then you do not need to remit sales tax to us and we are not authorized to collect it.

Maryland organizations that are tax-exempt should include their tax-exemption number or their actual tax-exemption certificate.

End User

For site licenses, please include the name of the school. Also include the name of the campus, if you have more than one (ex. Rockville High School Freshman Campus).

For a single-user license, please include the name of the teacher that will be using the software.

Shipping & Handling

Please include $6 shipping and handling.

Email Address

Include an email address where you would like the product serial numbers sent when the order is processed.

Item Number

Write this on your purchase order:

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