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Kuta Software Policies

We protect your personal and financial information by using a secure website for processing your online orders. When you are checking out, you should see a closed lock icon Closed Lock somewhere in your browser window, beginning on the first page in which you enter personal information. This indicates that the connection between your browser and the remote computer is encrypted. Any information sent over this encrypted connection is incomprehensible to anyone who intercepts it.

The location of the lock icon varies depending on your browser and the version of the browser you are using. Look in the bottom corners or near the top of the browser window. You should never enter personal or financial information on any website that does not display this icon. Please remember that on our website you may not see this symbol until the first page in which you actually enter personal information (on step 2 of the checkout process).

To verify the checkout process is secure, you can double-click on the lock icon. This will also present you with additional information about how the transaction is secured and by whom. You can also click on the "VeriSign Secured" image at the bottom of the screen during the checkout process. Purchases made online from Kuta Software LLC are handled by Appagare Software Inc. at www.asecurecart.net. All website security certificates are issued with those names.

Code Signing
The web is full of viruses and spyware. Installing software on your computer is an act of trust. You must trust that the software you are installing is safe. When you install software from Kuta Software, you should see a message such as the one shown below:

Signed Code

This proves that the software you have downloaded is truly coming from Kuta Software and that it has not been tampered with after we have signed it. In a virtual world, code signing serves as virtual shrink wrap. It proves whom the software is coming from and that it hasn't been tampered with along the way.

Read more about code signing here or on Wikipedia.

Your personal information is collected in order to process the credit card transaction. It is never given, sold, rented, or otherwise shared with any other company, group, or person. Personal information will only be shared when legally required to do so, such as when ordered by a court.


Return Policy
You may return any product purchased from Kuta Software LLC, for any reason, within thirty (30) days of purchase. You will be reimbursed for the full purchase price, minus any shipping costs. The product being returned must be deactivated from all computers before a refund is granted. In addition, a product on CD will need to be returned to the address below. If only some of the products from a combo are returned, the amount reimbursed will be based on the price for which the remaining items could have been purchased.

Kuta Software LLC
6308 Holland Meadow Ln
Gaithersburg, MD 20882-1236

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