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Infinite Algebra 2

Infinite Algebra 2 covers all typical Algebra 2 material, beginning with a few major Algebra 1 concepts and going through trigonometry. There are over 125 topics in all, from multi-step equations to trigonometric identities. Suitable for any class with advanced algebra content. Designed for all levels of learners, from remedial to advanced.

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Comparison of topics in each program

Common Core alignment

Beginning Algebra

  • Order of operations
  • Simplifying algebraic expressions

Equations and Inequalities

  • Multi-step equations
  • Work word problems
  • Distance, rate, time word problems
  • Mixture word problems
  • Absolute value equations
  • Multi-step inequalities
  • Compound inequalities
  • Absolute value inequalities

Linear Relations and Functions

  • Graphing linear equations
  • Writing linear equations
  • Graphing absolute value equations
  • Graphing linear inequalities

Systems of Equations and Inequalities

  • Graphing systems of linear inequalities
  • Solving systems by graphing (2 variables)
  • Solving systems by elimination (2 variables)
  • Solving systems by substitution (2 variables)
  • Systems of equations word problems (2 variables)
  • Points in three dimensions
  • Planes
  • Solving systems with three variables


  • Operations
  • Determinants
  • Inverses
  • Cramer's Rule
  • Equations
  • Geometric transformations

Complex Numbers

  • Operations
  • Graphing
  • Absolute value
  • Rationalizing denominators

Quadratic Functions and Inequalities

  • Graphing quadratic functions
  • Graphing quadratic inequalities
  • Factoring quadratic expressions
  • Factoring special case quadratic expressions
  • Solving equations by taking square roots
  • Solving equations by factoring
  • Completing the square
  • Solving equations by completing the square
  • Solving equations with the Quadratic Formula
  • The discriminant

Polynomial Functions

  • Naming
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Multiplying
  • Multiplying special cases
  • The Binomial Theorem
  • Dividing
  • Factoring by grouping
  • Factoring a sum/difference of cubes
  • Factoring quadratic form
  • Factoring, all techniques
  • The Remainder Theorem
  • Writing functions
  • Conjugate roots & factoring
  • Conjugate roots & writing functions
  • Descartes' Rule of Signs
  • Rational Zero/Root Theorem
  • Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  • Solving polynomial equations
  • End behavior and general graph shape
  • Graphing

General Functions

  • Evaluating
  • Operations
  • Inverses

Radical Functions and Rational Exponents

  • Simplifying radicals
  • Adding and subtracting radical expressions
  • Multiplying radical expressions
  • Dividing radical expressions
  • Connecting radical expressions and rational exponents
  • Evaluating rational exponent expressions
  • The properties of exponents
  • Radical equations
  • Rational exponent equations
  • Graphing radical equations
  • Domain and range of radical functions

Conic Sections

  • Parabolas, graphing & properties
  • Parabolas, writing equations
  • Circles, graphing & properties
  • Circles, writing equations
  • Ellipses, graphing & properties
  • Ellipses, writing equations
  • Hyperbolas, graphing & properties
  • Hyperbolas, writing equations
  • Classifying
  • Systems of quadratic equations

Rational Expressions

  • Graphing
  • Simplifying
  • Multiplying and dividing
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Complex fractions
  • Equations

Exponential and Logarithmic Expressions

  • Graphing exponential functions
  • Exponential equations not requiring logarithms
  • Exponents and logarithms
  • Evaluating logarithms
  • Logarithms and exponents as inverses
  • Properties of logarithms
  • Writing logs in terms of others
  • Exponential equations requiring logarithms
  • Inverses of
  • Logarithmic equations, simple
  • Logarithmic equations, hard
  • Graphing logarithmic functions

Sequences and Series

  • General sequences
  • Arithmetic sequences
  • Geometric sequences
  • Arithmetic and geometric mean
  • General series
  • Arithmetic series
  • Geometric series


  • Angles and angle measure
  • Radians and degrees
  • Degrees and degrees-minutes-seconds
  • Coterminal angles
  • Arc length and sector area
  • Right triangle trig: Finding ratios
  • Right triangle trig: Finding angle measures
  • Right triangle trig: Finding angles and sides
  • Trig functions of any angle
  • The Law of Sines
  • The Law of Cosines
  • Area and Laws of Sines and Cosines
  • Graphing trig functions
  • Angle sum/difference identities
  • Double-angle/half-angle identities
  • Equations

Probability and Statistics

  • Sample spaces & Fundamental Counting Principle
  • Probability of independent and dependent events
  • Independent and dependent events, word problems
  • Probability of mutually exclusive events
  • Mutually exclusive events, word problems
  • Permutations
  • Combinations
  • Permutations vs combinations
  • Probability with permutations and combinations
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Infinite Algebra 2
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