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Order of operations
Evaluating expressions
Simplifying algebraic expressions
Linear Relations and Functions
Review of linear equations
Graphing absolute value functions
Graphing linear inequalities
Basic matrix operations
Matrix multiplication
All matrix operations combined
Matrix inverses
   Cramer's rule:2x2,3x3
   Matrix equations:Easy,Hard
Geometric transformations with matrices
Quadratic Functions and Inequalities
Properties of parabolas
Vertex form
Graphing quadratic inequalities
Factoring quadratic expressions
Solving quadratic equations w/ square roots
Solving quadratic equations by factoring
Completing the square
Solving equations by completing the square
Solving equations with the quadratic formula
The discriminant
General Functions
Evaluating functions
Function operations
Inverse functions
Conic Sections
Graphing & properties of parabolas
Equations of parabolas
Graphing & properties of circles
Equations of circles
Graphing & properties of ellipses
Equations of ellipses
Graphing & properties of hyperbolas
Equations of hyperbolas
Classifying conic sections
Systems of quadratic equations
Sequences and Series
General sequences
Arithmetic sequences
Geometric sequences
Comparing Arithmetic/Geometric Sequences
General series
Arithmetic series
Arithmetic/Geometric Means w/ Sequences
Finite geometric series
Infinite geometric series
Right triangle trig: Evaluating ratios
Right triangle trig: Missing sides/angles
Angles and angle measure
Co-terminal angles and reference angles
Arc length and sector area
Trig ratios of general angles
Exact trig ratios of important angles
The Law of Sines
The Law of Cosines
Graphing trig functions
Translating trig functions
Angle Sum/Difference Identities
Double-/Half-Angle Identities
Equations and Inequalities
Multi-step equations
Work word problems
Distance-rate-time word problems
Mixture word problems
Absolute value equations
Multi-step inequalities
Compound inequalities
Absolute value inequalities
Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Systems of two linear inequalities
Systems of two equations
Systems of two equations, word problems
Points in three dimensions
Systems of three equations, elimination
Systems of three equations, substitution
   Cramer's rule:2x2,3x3
Complex Numbers
Operations with complex numbers
Properties of complex numbers
Rationalizing imaginary denominators
Polynomial Functions
Naming and simple operations
Factoring a sum/difference of cubes
Factoring by grouping
Factoring quadratic form
Factoring using all techniques
Factors and Zeros
The Remainder Theorem
Irrational and Imaginary Root Theorems
Descartes' Rule of Signs
More on factors, zeros, and dividing
The Rational Root Theorem
Polynomial equations
Basic shape of graphs of polynomials
Graphing polynomial functions
The Binomial Theorem
Radical Functions and Rational Exponents
Simplifying radicals
Operations with radical expressions
Dividing radical expressions
Radicals and rational exponents
Simplifying rational exponents
Square root equations
Rational exponent equations
Graphing radicals
Rational Expressions
Graphing simple rational functions
Graphing general rational functions
Simplifying rational expressions
Multiplying / dividing rational expressions
Adding / subtracting rational expressions
Complex fractions
Solving rational equations
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
The meaning of logarithms
Properties of logarithms
The change of base formula
Writing logs in terms of others
Logarithmic equations
Inverse functions and logarithms
Exponential equations not requiring logarithms
Exponential equations requiring logarithms
Graphing logarithms
Graphing exponential functions
Statistics & Probability
Sample spaces and The Counting Principle
Independent and dependent events
Mutualy exclusive events
Permutations vs combinations
Probability using permutations and combinations

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