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Lesser-Known Math Terms


Lattice Point
A point with x- and y-coordinates that are both integers. These are often the points on a graph where the grid lines cross (assuming the lines are every 1 unit).

Quadrantal Angle
Any angle with a measure that is a multiple of 90°.

Oblique Angle
Any angle that is not 90° or a multiple of 90°. That is, any angle that is not quadrantal.

Oblique Triangle
Any triangle that is not a right triangle.

Reflex Angle
Any angle with a measure greater than 180°.

In subtraction, the number from which you are subtracting. For example, in 10 - 4, the minuend is 10.

In subtraction, the number that you are subtracting. For example, in 10 - 4, the subtrahend is 4.

One of the numbers in an addition problem. For example, in 5 + 6, both 5 and 6 are addends.

The part under the radical sign, as in a square root or any root.

A general term for the input to a function. For example, in sin (x+1), the operand is x+1

The line between the numerator and denominator in division. IE the "slash" in 5/8.

The line over repeating decimals. More generally, a line over a few things to indicate that they are linked in some way, such as when naming line segments, or when negating a logical expression.


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