Updates to Infinite Precalculus

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Included in version 2.70 released 7/8/2022:

  • New: Add preferences for Metric/Imperial units
  • New: Add preference to “Prefer x“ as the variable letter
  • Improved: UI, security, and stability with updated libraries
  • Fixed: Properties of Logarithms – Choices could be equivalent
  • Fixed: Solving Exponential Equations With Logarithms – Choices could be equivalent
  • Fixed: Geometric Series – Choices could be equivalent

Included in version 2.62 released 2/8/2022:

  • New: Print questions from Presentation View
  • Improved: UI, security, and stability with updated framework and libraries
  • Improved: [Mac] Dark mode
  • Fixed: [Windows] - Detached topic list does not close when application is closed
  • Fixed: Probability Mutually Exclusive Word Problems - mutually exclusive case given when inappropriate
  • Fixed: Law of Sines - Program could freeze
  • Fixed: Law of Sines - Label in wrong place after reflection
  • Fixed: Composite Trig/Inverse Trig - Some domains do not exclude zero

Included in version 2.61.03 released 9/10/2021:

  • Improved: Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed: [Windows] Unable to change page layout to landscape
  • Fixed: [Windows] Error 'Unable to load platform plugin'

Included in version 2.61 released 8/27/2021:

  • Fixed: Preferences page for Kuta Works
  • Improved: Security and stability with updated networking libraries

Included in version 2.60 released 8/19/2021:

  • Improved: UI, security, and stability with updated framework and libraries
  • Improved: Site licenses check expiration date more frequently
  • Fixed: Combinatoric Word Problems - Values could overflow
  • Fixed: Properties of Logs - Possible to have duplicate choices
  • Fixed: Graphs of Rational Functions - Vertical asymptotes
  • Fixed: Rotations of Conic Sections - Angles in degrees not displaying corectly

Included in version 2.52 released 6/14/2019:

  • New: Scramble questions by directions
  • New: Scramble all questions in assignment
  • New: Consolidate question sets with identical options
  • New: Regroup question sets by directions
  • New: Kuta Works - Create a two semester course
  • New: Kuta Works - Clone assignments from a previous course into a new one
  • Improved: Product-to-Sum Identities - Added degrees symbol
  • Improved: Sum and Difference Identities - Added degrees symbol
  • Fixed: Presentation View - Arrow keys could change zoom at start/end of assignment
  • Fixed: Tight Layout - Directions could be cramped for no reason

Included in version 2.50 released 4/12/2019:

  • New: Kuta Works - Option to hide answers and results from students until after due date
  • New: Kuta Works - Option to control how long choices are hidden
  • Improved: Options windows appear at a better initial size
  • Improved: Window controls shown at their native size and spacing
  • Improved: Network proxy configuration window
  • Improved: License activation process
  • Fixed: Presentation View - Answers could be cut off
  • Fixed: Some window controls cut off on Windows 10 with display scaling
  • Fixed: Spelling errors
  • Fixed: Kuta Works - Course list could display more than just your active courses
  • Fixed: Graphing Rational Functions - Open holes in graph could appear as filled holes

Included in version 2.42 released 12/11/2018:

  • Fixed: Certain symbols incorrect if saved on Mac and loaded on Windows or vice versa
  • Fixed: General Sequences - Recursive formula sometimes wrong
  • Fixed: Properties of Logarithms - Avoid questions with reducible roots

Included in version 2.41 released 9/26/2018:

  • Fixed: Archived courses in Kuta Works are now hidden
  • Fixed: Generating or regenerating questions could cause a crash

Included in version 2.40 released 8/8/2018:

  • New: Integrated with Kuta Works. Now post assignments online.

Included in version 2.25 released 4/27/2018:

  • Improved: Generate questions more quickly
  • Improved: Measurement arrows reach correct endpoints
  • Improved: Custom questions - Added vectors to menu
  • Improved: Average Rates of Change - Use integer intervals
  • Fixed: Trig units for piecewise functions and ordered pairs
  • Fixed: Graphing Rational Functions - Prevent equivalent choices

Included in version 2.18 released 7/31/2017:

  • Improved: Extrema, Intervals of Increase and Decrease - Directions more precise by asking for points of extrema and open intervals
  • Fixed: Open circles on graphs were filled in when displayed as answer in red
  • Fixed: Typo in sample custom question
  • Fixed: Dot Products - Opposite vectors not considered parallel
  • Fixed: Multivariable Linear Systems and Row Operations - Missing from index order

Included in version 2.17 released 4/27/2017:

  • Improved: [Windows] "Export to clipboard as bitmap" renders image with better quality
  • Improved: Polar curves graphed more efficiently
  • Fixed: Probability with Combinations and Permutations - Could ask about impossible lottery ball
  • Fixed: Product-to-Sum and Sum-to-Product Identities - Finding exact value never gave sum/diff
  • Fixed: Equations of Parabolas - Sign of coefficient wrong in a certain cases
  • Fixed: Polar and Rectangular Forms of Equations - Equation of line in rectangular coordinates wrong in certain cases

Included in version 2.16.20 released 11/16/2016:

  • Fixed: Graphing Trig Functions - Vertical asymptotes of cotangent were incorrect
  • Fixed: [Mac] Trig Ratios of Any Angle - Certain options caused program to freeze

Included in version 2.16 released 9/16/2016:

  • Fixed: Two topics missing from index order
  • Fixed: Induction - Punctuation in directions and spacing in answers
  • Fixed: Numbers with many significant digits could round incorrectly
  • Fixed: Customized question containing an error could not be modified
  • Fixed: Customized question containing an error could cause a crash
  • Fixed: Feedback tool detects Windows 10 properly
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor when drag-dropping a question
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcut for changing order of question sets in assignment

Included in version 2.15 released 7/14/2016:

  • Improved: Reorder question sets by dragging and dropping
  • Improved: Move individual questions within a set by dragging and dropping
  • Improved: Presentation View - Commands now on a movable, dockable toolbar
  • Improved: Added option for large toolbar icons
  • Improved: New icons
  • Fixed: Certain options could result in double parenthesis or parenthesis around a negative sign
  • Fixed: Arrow over vector variable name not red when appropriate
  • Fixed: Compound Interest - Answers could be wrong
  • Fixed: Spacing in vector topics

Included in version 2.11 released 5/13/2016:

  • New topic: Functions as Infinite Series
  • New topic: Partial Fraction Decomposition

  • Improved: [Windows] "Export to clipboard as bitmap" pastes into Microsoft Word at appropriate DPI
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcut for adding space to question set